Fashion Illustration: Zhenya Zhuravlyova

This Russian fashion illustrator, based in Paris, has an impressive drawing style, hyper-realistic and perfectly shaded and coloured. Wherever you are, if you want to learn more about this craft, you can do so on her online courses. Don't miss her newest fashion illustrations on Instagram.

"I am often asked to tell about myself, so here's 25 facts about me:

1. I really love sweets! 😂

2. I always achieve my goals! ☝

3. I'm a perfectionist! 📈

4. I love beautiful music! 🎵

5. In people I appreciate courage, honesty and kindness! 🎯

6. I'm crazy about communicating with smart people! 😍

7. I love when flowers are sent to me! 💗

8. I work in a design institute! 🏢

9. I like urban planning! 🏰

10.I want to go to Paris - forever! 🗼

11.I adore gifts and surprises!🎁

12. My favourite paints are watercolour and acrylic! ✏

13. My favourite poem "Unconquered"! 📍

14. I dream of great and pure love! ❤

15. The most important thing in life is to live truly! 💪

16. Self-education is an important part of my life! 👀

17. I love beautiful feminine things!

18. I plan to open my showroom-studio!

19. Enjoy every day! Everyone! 🎨

20. I am able to hold a blow when life brings "surprises" 😈

21. I love reading books about leaders and business! 💲

22. I get up early and go to bed!

23. I do not watch TV! 🙈

24. I do not look back, forward and only forward! 👣

25. In love, I adhere to a simple principle! The girl should be loved!"

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